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About natural rubber

Natural rubber or Latex, is the natural sap from a kind of trees named Hevea brasiliensis.

It is harvested by cutting lines in the bark of the tree, whereefter the tree releases the sap that can then be collected. The trees do not die from this, and can provide new sap over and over again, for many years.

A core value of our company is to make safe and natural products. We find it so important to protect childeren from chemicals and other toxic influences that, unfortunatly are such a common part of our everyday life in the modern world. at least you can rest assured that product from Natruba are safe and chemical free and tested for compliance with all the highest safety standards all over the world.

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Payment & Delivery

On the day that your order leave our warehouse.

We aim at fulfillling all orders, for items that are in stock, within two working days. Depending on your location, shipping time varries. Usually orders throughout Europe arrive within 3-8days.

Depending on location and chosen method of shipment, it might arrive at your door or for collection at a nearby parcel shop.

Return & Claims

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If for any reason, you would like to make a claim about a product that you have bought, please contact us at

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